Torah Study Groups

“Rabbi Micah brings Torah to life with his depth of knowledge, insight, and humor.”

Susan – Charlotte, North Carolina

Each week, Rabbi Micah Streiffer leads two dynamic, interactive study groups on the weekly Torah portion.

One group is for beginning Jewish learners. The other is for anyone who has some basic Torah knowledge and is looking to dig deeper.

Like all classes at LAASOK, we study in an inclusive, egalitarian environment, and look at our sacred texts from a liberal Jewish perspective.

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Torah From the Beginning

Tuesdays at 3pm Eastern / Noon Pacific
1 Hour

“Torah From the Beginning” is for learners beginning a journey of Jewish learning. Maybe you are considering conversion; maybe you forgot everything you learned in Hebrew school; maybe you haven’t yet had the opportunity to delve into the Torah; maybe you just need a refresher. This class is for you!

Each week we study the weekly Torah portion, focusing on the “Who, What, When, Where, and Why.” We engage in guided discussion together about the themes, stories, and teachings of Judaism’s most essential book, as well as a few commentaries along the way.

You’ll come away knowing the basics of the Torah’s story and contents, and being able to identify many of the important figures – such as Sarah, Abraham, Moses, Miriam, and others. As well, we’ll look at commentaries (both modern and ancient), and have great discussions about what these timeless texts and stories mean for our own Jewish lives.

No prior knowledge is assumed.

Digging Deeper Into Torah

Fridays at Noon Eastern / 9am Pacific
1 Hour

“Digging Deeper” is for learners who have been through the Torah a bit and want to dig deeper – to expand their knowledge, to study the Jewish commentators, to relate Torah to larger philosophical, religious, and human issues. Each week we choose a section/story/passage in the Torah portion and explore it together, asking questions like:

  • Why does the text say what it says? What might have motivated the author(s) to write it this way?
  • What philosophical/ethical/religious issues does the text raise?
  • How have previous Jewish thinkers responded? How are our approaches like and unlike theirs?
  • How does this passage inform Jewish practice and belief, both traditionally and today?

To help us in our discussion, we might also look at Rabbinic texts (Talmud, Midrash), medieval commentators like Rashi and Nachmanides, Jewish philosophy, and modern writings. All texts are presented in English.


  • When can I start? Do I need to wait until a certain time of year? You can join any time you want!
  • What if I can’t make it every week? That’s OK – we’re not taking attendance. And we record the sessions so that you can see what you missed.
  • What’s the cost? The program is structured as a monthly subscription, with a cost of $36 per month. (Please see note below about financial accessibility.)
  • Can I try it out before I commit? Of course! When you sign up, the first month is a $1 trial, so you can decide whether the group is right for you.
  • Do I need to make a full-year commitment? Not at all – you can withdraw any time. But we hope you’ll stay forever!
  • Note on financial accessibility: We are committed to having our classes be accessible to all, regardless of financial ability. If the $36 per month cost makes the class inaccessible, please simply email us and we will arrange for you to join for a different amount.

How Do I Sign Up?

Just click above on the class you’d like to join, and you’ll be taken to a registration form.

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