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At LAASOK, we empower liberal Jews* to connect with Judaism, with each other, and with themselves through meaningful engagement with our sacred texts.


How GREEN Is Your Torah?
Judaism and the Earth

Come explore Judaism’s environmental ethic in this FREE one-hour Zoom learning session.

Beyond the Old Man

Beyond the “Old Man in the Sky”

In this 4-part series, Rabbi Streiffer explores some of the provocative Jewish thinkers who challenge traditional conceptions of God.

Dig into Jewish Learning

Dig into Jewish Learning!

Check out the study opportunities currently available at LAASOK.

Torah study groups

Weekly Torah Study Groups

Our parashah (Torah portion) study groups are the heart of our dynamic learning community. Come see what it’s like to engage with Jewish learning on your own terms.

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All learning offerings at LAASOK are conducted virtually through Zoom.


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* We’re using the term “liberal Jewish” or “liberal Jews” to refer to the progressive or ”non-Orthodox” side of the Jewish religious spectrum. For more information, on how we approach learning as liberal Jews, see our About Page.