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“This is my favorite podcast for learning about the weekly parsha. It’s a quick listen but packed with great insight. Love it.”

– Sarah, Listener via Apple Podcasts

#1 Jewish podcast in Canada – June 2022 (Chartable)
#8 Jewish podcast in the USA – November 2022 (Chartable)
#1 Jewish podcast in Spain – December 2021 (Chartable)

Explore the Torah portion in an interesting and relevant way. Each week Rabbi Micah Streiffer discusses the parashah (Torah portion) in about 7 to 10 minutes. We make modern meaning from ancient texts, addressing them through inclusive, liberal Jewish eyes. We weave together philosophy, spirituality, tradition, and social justice – and derive meaning for today‘s life from our sacred sources.

Longer episodes include a bonus interview with leading rabbis and Jewish thought leaders.

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Adversity and Growth (Ha’azinu – encore) Seven Minute Torah

The Torah's penultimate parashah is a poem about covenant, fidelity, adversity and growth. A perfect message for the High Holy Days, and for every day. — Seven Minute Torah is a production of LAASOK. For info on our weekly Zoom Torah study groups or other learning opportunities go to To support the production of this podcast, visit either (for per-episode contribution) OR (for a one-time or monthly contribution). To join the Seven Minute Torah Facebook group: Comments or questions? Email me at
  1. Adversity and Growth (Ha’azinu – encore)
  2. Until 120 (Nitzavim-Vayelech)
  3. Praying in Hebrew, Praying in English (Ki Tavo)
  4. Preserving the Earth (KI Teitzei)
  5. Judaism in Constant Evolution (Shoftim – encore)
  6. Eating is an Act of Holiness (Re’eh – encore)
  7. Helping the Rains Fall (Ekev – encore)